It was 1959 when Bob Kyle founded Custom Fibreglass Manufacturing Co. in Long Beach, Calif. Initially, the company made hardtops for imported sports cars. Their snug fit and quality construction led them to be called “snugtops” and in short order the name Snugtop was adopted for the company.

Snugtop’s first venture into the truck market occurred in 1965 when they developed a topper for the original Datsun mini truck. When the “gas crunch” hit in the 1970s, Snugtop responded with a sleek cab-high design for pickups that complimented the lines of the truck and enhanced fuel economy — factors that influence Snugtop’s engineers and designers to this day.

Current president Hartmut Schroeder and partners acquired Snugtop in 1989 and for the past 30 years have been responsible for many innovative designs and engineering accomplishments. Snugtop has also received important awards for customer satisfaction.

The company’s large manufacturing facility in the port city of Long Beach has enabled Snugtop to efficiently provide truck caps and tonneau covers to a worldwide distributor base. Two years ago Snugtop became part of TAG (Truck Accessories Group), which has provided the company with additional resources.

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