Peterbilt has expanded its 90-day Vehicle Assurance Warranty to cover all Peterbilt Red Oval Certified trucks.

The warranty, which is offered and administered through Peterbilt dealers and Paccar Financial Used Truck Centers, ensures a consistent warranty experience for all purchasers of trucks in the Red Oval program.

“Peterbilt believes that the best new trucks make the best used trucks, and because of that we are proud to stand behind the Peterbilt Red Oval Certified program with this 90-day buyer assurance program,” said Robert Woodall, Peterbilt assistant general manager for sales and marketing. “Late in 2018 Peterbilt also announced a new warranty option for Red Oval used truck customers. Customers can now select a factory-backed two-year 250,000 mile warranty for Paccar MX engines and aftertreatment systems.”

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