LTA Manufacturing LLC announced the appointment of Tom Berger as the new Director of Quality Assurance for the brands and its four subsidiaries: ATC Truck Covers, Jason Industries, LoadMaster, and Ranch Fiberglass.

Berger was previously the Sales and Customer Service Manager for ATC Truck Covers. In this new role, Berger will devise and implement procedures to inspect and report quality assurance issues. He will monitor all operations which impact and affect quality as well as supervise and guide inspectors, technicians and other staff.

As part of his position, Berger will also be in charge of implementing quality control standards across all four brands to insure that customer needs and satisfaction are met by all LTA Manufacturing companies.

"LTA Manufacturing is excited to promote Tom to the position of Director of Quality Assurance. He's been an integral part of ATC's Sales and Customer Service team for a number of years, and we place the utmost confidence in him," said Vice President of Sales and Marketing for LTA Manufacturing LLC, Matt Blais.

Berger has been with the company a total of 14 years. He joined the company in 2001 and remained until 2011. He left ATC Truck Covers shortly after the original facility was destroyed in a fire to continue working within the industry for another company. In 2016, Berger returned to ATC Truck Covers.

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